Google Pixel 4a expected at Google I/O 2020 during May 12-14

Sundar Pichai has confirmed via tweet that Google I/O will run 12th-14th May this year. We anticipate this will be the reveal date of the new Pixel 4a; but what else might Google have to show us?

Google I/O 2019
I/O 2019 saw the release of the Google Pixel 3a. Screenshot: YouTube

Collaboration of the Cosmos

This year the I/O alternate reality game (ARG) is called Collaboration of the Cosmos.  The idea is that, in order to find out the dates of the annual developer conference, you first have to solve a puzzle.

It’s a bit different this time around. Rather than playing by yourself, the objective is to restore satellites to their original frequencies. Every person who successfully completes the game contributes to overall signal strength. Once this reached 100%, the dates were revealed.

If you have a spare five minutes, check it out! The dates have been revealed, but the game is still available to play.

We now know that I/O will run on 12th-14th May 2020. The conference will be hosted next to the Googleplex HO in Mountain View, California, again at the Shoreline Amphiteatre.

Google Collaboration of the Cosmos game
The 2020 Google I/O teaser game is called Collaboration of the Cosmos. Image: Google

Google Pixel 4a

Whilst we don’t know for sure what will be revealed at I/O 2020, based on Google’s cycle of hardware releases we can make an educated guess!

At I/O 2019 Google released the Pixel 3a so it is anticipated that the Pixel 4a will make its debut in May. Following leaked renders, we already have a pretty good idea what the 4a will look like.

What we know so far is that the Pixel 4a is expected to have a 5k rendering 360° video capacity. The punch-hole camera is on the top left corner, along with a selfie camera.

Overall the 4a will be slightly smaller than the 3a with narrower bezels but will offer a larger flat display expected to be 5.7-5.8 inches.

There is also a traditional headphone jack, and either a Snapdragon 730 or 765 chip.

Pixel 4a
Onleaks shared renders of the Google Pixel 4a in December. Image: OnLeaks / 91 Mobiles

I/O 2020

As well as the Pixel 4a, we are expecting a number of new releases to be made at I/O. Given that the first Android Q beta went live in March 2019, with the third beta released at I/O, there may well be a new Android 11 beta release at the conference. If rumours are right, Android 11 might feature a scheduled dark mode, and a sharing function similar to AirDrop.

Google acquired Fitbit last year, and with Wear OS having seemed to stagnate a little, I/O might bring us an update on their plans for wearables. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a whole new range of smart fitness wearables leveraging the Fitbit acquisition to get back into this market.

Stadia also launched in the last year, although this was so recent that I wouldn’t anticipate any big news on this front so soon after. However, Stadia hasn’t quite taken the gaming world by storm. With new rivals being released from Xbox and Playstation 5 in 2020, now would be as good a time as any to make announcements about new games or features.

It seems likely that Google Assistant will be a big focus in 2020. The AI was fine-tuned last year to switch from cloud-based voice processing to on-device. This reduces latency and increases privacy so is a seemingly small tweak that makes a big difference.

We’re expecting Google Assistant to be driven forward this year, and will look forward to seeing what new services and functions it can offer.

What would you like to see announced at I/O 2020? We’ll keep you updated as we hear more!

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