Google is looking to invest heavily in wearables

With the announcement that Google has bought Fitbit for $2.1 billion, the firm is now in a prime position to become a leader in wearable technology. The tech giant already has a huge market share in mobile devices. Therefore its influence in the smart technology market could become overpowering.

Fossil Q
Google has announced that it will invest in its Wear OS technology. Photo: Matti Blume via Wikimedia Commons

Previously, Apple and Fitbit were the two most dominant firms when it came to wearables. The Apple Watch’s seamless connection with iOS devices made wearables the perfect match for the California-based outfit.

Further Investment

Moreover, Google announced that it is investing in the Wear OS ecosystem. Wear OS was previously called Android Wear, which was an operating system designed for wearables.

However, Google admits that industry and productivity weren’t so strong back then. Google was actually a pioneer in wearable tech when it broke through with its Google Glass product, earlier this decade.

This project was groundbreaking for its time, paving the way for other businesses to emerge with similar technologies. Although, the company played down its sales after around only a year of opening the product up to the public.

Now, Google now seems to be doing a U-turn on wearable tech. Along with purchasing Fitbit, the firm is also preparing to launch the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Therefore, Google is set to have a hold not only on the wrist of its users but on the head!

Fitbit will be a huge asset to Google. Photo: Iyan Adeendren Ayyan via Wikimedia Commons

Data is king

It is not just the product sales that Google will benefit from following this move. Fitbit holds an abundance of health data from its millions of users. Google will now have access to this information to draw up further ways to tap into further revenue streams.

Customer habits will be able to be monitored by Google, allowing it to reach new heights. The powerhouse already has an abundance of data via its search engine and smart devices. Combining its new additions will make it an even greater force to be reckoned with.

Google has already stated its intention to combine its foothold in technology to bring the best product to its customers.

“Working closely with Fitbit, and bringing together the best AI, software, and hardware, we can build helpful wearables for even more people,” Google said on its blog.

Google HQ
Google is gearing up for a strong start to the new decade. Photo: Ben Nuttall via Flickr

Old rivals, new platforms

It’s currently unclear if Google plans to one day incorporate Fitbit under the Google brand or will continue operating it as a standalone product. Regardless, this move could replicate how Apple and Google rival each other in the smartphone industry.

Nonetheless, the wearable market has already changed, as now two of the largest tech firms in the world now have a majority holding. According to Statista, Fitbit had 45 percent of the wearable market share before Google’s acquisition. With Google’s extended network and unlimited funding, the brand’s operations could multiply significantly.

So with Google investing further in Wear OS, creating new products and acquiring already-established brands, it could become the go-to company for wearables.

What do you think of Google’s expansion into wearable technology? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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