Digital wellbeing is at the core of Google’s new app collection

On the back of a busy week, Google has released a batch of new apps. The tech giant’s new releases focus on the digital wellbeing of users.
Google Pixel
Android users will be able to take advantage of Googles new apps. Screenshot: Google

9to5Google reports that In total, the firm has released five of the “experiments” on Android. Each app has its own feature, giving well-balanced assistance. Let’s take a look at the Google Play releases.

Post Box

This app is something that many won’t realize they needed until now. Post Box collects your notifications and feeds them to you in categorized blocks throughout the day. Much like how in the non-digital world, non-urgent post wouldn’t be delivered constantly throughout the day but would be received in segments. So, this app will help with organization and users won’t be distracted by trivial notifications but can select certain types to be sent as priority.

Additionally, there are many times where people ignore a notification in the moment so that they can look at it later. However, this often leads to forgetting the notification altogether. Therefore, this app helps restore order.

Google Post Box
Users can choose what time of day they get their notifications. Screenshot: Google’s YouTube Channel

Unlock Clock

This tool will help manage phone addiction but keeping tabs on how many times a user unlocks it. Unlock Clock appears as a live wallpaper that displays the number of times the smartphone that it is downloaded on unlocks. Perhaps, some users will be able to gamify this feature by trying to lower the number of locks from the day before.


The introduction of Morph will help users streamline their activity. With the app installed, Google will be able to filter apps on a user’s screen depending on what they are doing. For example, if a user is editing photos, related apps will be presented and grouped based on that.

So now, users will be able to concentrate on one task rather than rummaging through various different apps. Ultimately, this could increase productivity.

Google Morph
Morph groups apps by topic and help push users concentrate on a particular task. Screenshot: Google’s Youtube Channel

Desert Island

Desert Island’s concept is similar to Morph but it is more strict. This app creates an environment that challenges a user to only use a list of selected apps for 24 users.

Moreover, if someone wants to only use a calendar, email, and calls for 24 hours, they will put them on this list. Once again, this will help create a clutter-free lifestyle for those who want to improve their well-being.

We Flip

In an age where people are continuing to tend to their phones when in a group, We Flip can help increase face-to-face communication. This app can pair with others in the group a user in and track those who keep having a peek at their phone. Useful for showcasing those who are being antisocial at a dinner party!

Positive move

Altogether, we are continuing to learn more about the dangers that constant digital connectivity can do if not managed right. Therefore, this rollout is a step in the right direction for Google, which has played a huge role in this digital era.

What is your opinion on the new wellbeing apps introduced by Google? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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