Let Google’s Assistant read you the news with its new algorithmic update

Google Assistant is becoming an ever more prominent part of everyday life. And now a new algorithmic update to the personal assistant means that it can read you the news on a daily basis as well.
Your Daily News
Google Assistant’s Your News Update system reads relevant news when required. Photo: Google.

Your Daily News

Google claims that the Google Assistant audio reading system will deliver an “evocative, powerful, massively popular, and convenient medium”. Google calls the new system in Your News Update, and believe that it will deliver a smarter way to listen to the news, with Google Assistant playing a hosting role.

As would be expected, the system is initiated by a voice command. When you say, “Hey Google, play me the news” on any Assistant-enabled smartphone or smart speaker, Your News Update will play back a mixture of short news stories that have been chosen based on various algorithmic information. User interests, location, history, and preferences will be taken into consideration, as well as the news agenda itself.

In producing the new algorithm, Google has signalled its intent to enhance the world of digital audio news. With its personal assistant system already being capable of serious intelligence, the Google Assistant news reading updates will make searching for stories and understanding the news easier, according to the developer.

Google Assistant news
Google Assistant has proven to be a popular home speaker system, but still lags behind Amazon. Photo: Google.

Embryonic podcasting

Google notes that podcasting and digital audio are becoming ever more prominent, yet searching what it describes as the audio web is still a difficult proposition. Google likens the current situation to the text web of the 1990s, and promises that its algorithmic update to Google Assistant will make searching audio news considerably more sophisticated.

Indeed, when newspapers first became part of the digital landscape, the early websites were difficult to navigate and research, while stories were rarely linked together. Obviously since then the situation has changed completely, and now digital newspapers are extremely coherent publications, which have replaced the print news to a certain extent.

Google suggests that the algorithmic updates to Google Assistant will enable digital audio to become similarly user-friendly, igniting the next revolution in the way that news is delivered. The sophisticated Google Assistant system makes this possible by building on knowledge and understanding that it has already gleaned.

Google Assistant read news
A wide variety of partners have already been signed up by Google to its Your Daily News update. Photo: Google.

Assistant analysis

The Google Assistant will analyse what he said within a particular audio file, applying its existing understanding of language derived from text articles in order to understand how news stories evolve, and how certain topics are linked. This will improve the ability of consumers to identify timely and relevant stories that have meaning to them.

Google has been working on the system for two years, collaborating with publishers from all over the audio world. These discussions have reinforced the importance of building what Google describes as a healthy ecosystem for both consumers and publishers. Google has also partnered with a wide variety of audio news providers in order to make the system as wide-ranging as possible.

Above all else, Your News Updates will provide a more personalized and customized take on audio news.

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