This startup hopes to teach DJ-ing in schools as part of the curriculum

Music is one of the most powerful ways for young people to express themselves. With this in mind, exam boards in the United Kingdom now recognize DJ decks as a musical instrument. Therefore, FutureDJs hopes to help students become a certified DJ or producer.

CDJ Decks
We could see a whole new generation of superstar DJs this decade. Photo: Piqsels

Many would feel that the decision to hold DJ equipment in the same regard as a guitar or drum kit is long overdue. Musicians have had respectable careers while making history through the use of turntables and mixers for decades.

With the likes of AQA, OCR and Eduqas giving the technology the same respect as its counterparts, the chance for them to be part of the UK’s national examination curriculum is on the cards.

Bridging the gap

Previously, there has been a rift between what is taught within a music classroom at secondary school and what can be learnt in higher education. Music technology was not generally taught for students taking a music GCSE. This meant that there was no bridge to cross for potential DJs or producers if they wanted to take on a course in music production thereafter.

Now, the opportunity to teach these subjects is there but not many current teachers have got the experience or resources to take it on. Therefore, FutureDJs hopes to send its music tutors to schools across the country to teach students how to DJ and produce.

Future DJs
FutureDJs hopes to turn schoolchildren’s musical interest into a certification. Photo: Future DJs

A fresh take

The organization’s program will use newer techniques and modern music for the learners to really engage with the topic. The modules cover tempo, timing, rhythm, and scales while underpinning the style and structure that the pupils enjoy.

The startup was founded in 2016 and introduced its service to help regenerate a buzz around music within the classroom. The UK music industry going through a renaissance within popular culture. Therefore, the country has an opportunity to capitalize on the growth and help a new generation of potential musicians on their journey.

By consulting skilled and experienced DJs and producers, schools can ensure that these promising artists are getting the right education that they need.

How it works

FutureDJs introduces its concept to schoolchildren with a live interactive performance, usually in an assembly or at lunchtime. Here, they can register their interest before parents and teachers are followed up with to officially sign up to the program.

DJ Premier
Veterans such as DJ Premier have managed to have prolonged and wealthy careers in DJ-ing. Photo: Xi WEG via Flickr

Thereafter, the students can take lessons with FutureDJs. First, they will be given a brief about the history of modern music. This is before the program gets them familiar with decks, mixers, PAs and other equipment. The group will also pledge a set of turntables to each music department that it teaches at.

The future is bright

The company is already being appreciated by schools around the country for its services. Mark O’Donnell, the master at Westminster Under School spoke of how the firm is offering something fresh for his students.

“FutureDJs offer something unique and new for schools, combining musical creativity with their passion for, and insight into, electronic music,” he said, as per FutureDJs’ website.

Altogether, there have been huge changes in the music industry over the last decade. This is also being reflected in the way it is taught.

What are your thoughts on Future DJs’ goal of teaching DJ-ing and music production in schools? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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