Fortnite and Star Wars come together in collaboration

In an Epic meeting of minds, Fortnite players can now purchase an iconic Imperial Stormtrooper character skin. So why is Fallen Order being picked up by Epic, and where is this collaboration going?


Is a Galaxy Far, Far, Away coming to Fortnite?

With a bit of a surprise move, Epic Games-owned Fortnite has announced a Star Wars collaboration. At the moment, Fortnite Battle Royale players can pick up a Stormtrooper skin in the item store. Pretty cool, right!

Gamers purchasing the Jedi: Fallen Order game through the Epic Games store also get a code for the skin, which they can use to buy it in Fortnite. Perhaps to tie in with their PR, the Deluxe Edition with the added extras is priced lower than the Standard Edition. Incidentally, not everyone seems too impressed with that…

Interesting enough, but is the Star Destroyer lurking in the sky on the Fortnite map a hint that there is more to come..?

Screenshot of Twitter post showing prices for Star Wars games
Jedi: Fallen Order is available in Standard Edition for $59.99. Image: Twitter

So is Epic buying the rights to Star Wars?

Not so much! Another interesting aspect of this collaboration is that Jedi: Fallen Order is also available to buy on Steam and Origin. In fact, it was the first new EA game in eight years to launch simultaneously on both platforms.

Epic are not buying the rights, but then do they really need to? Fortnite is beyond huge. The game has about 250 million players, of which 125 million registered between June 2018-March 2019.

It would seem to be a savvy move for both Epic and EA Games. The Fortnite masses love a new feature, and having a new skin alongside the Destroyer is going to attract a lot of attention. Every Fortnite player whose interest is piqued and ends up buying the game is going to earn both Epic and EA a tidy margin.

Fortnite is played by 250 million people. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Is the game any good?

Whilst Star Wars games are always going to be popular with fans new and old, Jedi: Fallen Oder hasn’t received resounding universal five star reviews.

EuroGamer reported that the game suffers from ‘shallow storytelling and technical problems‘.

The Guardian review was more positive, but definitely felt the same about repetitiveness. The game is said to be unoriginal without any surprises, as it ‘scrupulously stick[s] to the franchise’s motifs‘.

Being described as a ‘tedious grind’ isn’t quite the reaction any new game release wants to receive, and so perhaps the collaboration is purely a great way to boost visibility and purchases.

What else does this collaboration have in store?

Fortnite cross-over projects aren’t a new concept. Nor are sudden surprises! We reported last month the sudden end of Season 10 which returned after a two-day anxious wait.

Considering the success of the cross-over with Avengers character Thanos last year, and that Marvel Studios own both the Avengers and the Star Wars licenses, it stands to reason that more Marvel characters will start filtering through to Fortnite.

What Fortnite players will be wondering is – what is going to happen with the Destroyer? Just a stunt to capture attention, or is something epic coming their way?

Fortnite game screenshot of a Star Wars Destroyer ship in the sky
The Destroyer is sitting harmlessly in the sky – for now. Image: PCGamer

What do you think? Have you played Fallen Order and feel differently than the reviewers? 

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