Fortnite is back and bringing us Chapter 2

After nearly two days of inactivity, Fortnite is finally back! The game returned this morning with a whole new instalment.
Fortnite, Chapter 2
Fortnite’s new world looks much more expansive than its predecessor. Greenery, lakes, factories and hills will all provide the perfect backdrop to epic battles. Photo:

Back with a bang

The rumours are true, Fortnite: Chapter 2 has been officially released on gaming platforms. After being sucked into oblivion via a black hole, players were left frustrated as they couldn’t access the game. The update is now available to download, and once installed, players will have access to a whole new world.

The trailer for the relaunch started with footage of the existing black hole, then the characters emerged to discover a brand new land. The new dynamics are just as colourful as before, ready to provide another period of addictive gaming. Check the excited trailer below.

There are thirteen new locations to explore on the brand new island. Here, players can support their squad with brand new abilities. Firstly, they can heal their team members with the introduction of the bandage bazooka. Along with this, they can carry their teammates to safety when injured. Additionally, to celebrate the downing of the opposition, players can use new emotes, such as high fives.

Fortnite characters season 2
Despite some rumours and leaks, there was no long-term build up to Chapter 2, The shock factor of Chapter 1 closing down was enough to build anticipation. Photo:

New dynamic

Water has an increased presence in Fornite’s new chapter. Squads can now go fishing with each other on the island’s lakes. Here they can use Chapter 2’s new motorboats to find the best spot to enjoy the waves. However, boating isn’t the only method of transport available in the new island. Players will be able to swim while remembering old times on Chapter 1’s Loot Lake.

Fresh hideouts and explosives are also in abundance in the franchise’s latest offering. For a sneaky approach, players can hide in haystacks or dumpsters to drop in on opponents. Or if they prefer to go all guns blazing, they can blow up tanks or barrels for a dramatic effect.

Subsequently, combat mechanics have been upgraded in Chapter 2. There is a streamlined weapons arsenal for battlers to explore, along with extra resources available at the upgrade bench.

Fortnite Water
With water playing an increased role within Chapter 2, there will be new aspects to how battles will be fought. Photo:

The saga continues

Altogether, Epic Games have placed an emphasis on a more enjoyable experiences. With this, they have introduced a new Battle Pass that holds a revised XP system. There is also a bunch of new medals to be won as players progress through the rankings.

The response to the new Fortnite has been generally been favorable. Gamers have praised the transition from the game’s cinematic scenes to the actual gameplay. Along with this, the improved graphics have been well received by early players.

Glitches will be expected as gamers continue to update the game but Epic will no doubt be ready to respond with the suitable patches. Epic released the game just in time before the holiday rush, giving players the perfect present as the Christmas season approaches.

What do you think of Fortnite: Chapter 2’s arrival? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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