Filmic releases DoubleTake allowing you to record from two cameras simultaneously

An innovative new app will make it possible for iPhone users to record from two cameras simultaneously. Filmic is behind the app, DoubleTake, which had been previewed at the announcement of the iPhone 11 in September.

Filmic doubetake
Filmic makes it possible to have to video feeds from two iPhone cameras running simultaneously. Photo: Filmic

Two video files

DoubleTake enables users to shoot two separate video files, from any of the cameras included in the iPhone, and then allows cutting between them, or for the captured video feeds to be displayed alongside one another. Both split-screen and picture-in-picture option are available, and Filmic hopes that movie makers will take advantage of the new functionality.

One slight disappointment about the Filmic app is that there is no 4K option available. But users have the option of choosing from 24fps, 25fps, or 30fps frame rates, while all three of the rates will record at full HD 1080p quality.

Split-screen mode is expected to be particularly popular, and it is also the most straightforward to use of the options available. The split screen gives one image of an iPhone camera on the left-hand of the screen, and another on the right-hand of the frame. It also makes it possible for two people to engage in a conversation, with the camera literally in the center of the action.

Filmic Doubletake
Filmic’s DoubleTake has a feature that I can see working very well not just in sports, but with influencers too. Photo: Filmic


Picture-in-picture mode fills the screen with a solitary camera of the user’s choosing, while creating another movable window for the second camera to be used in simultaneously. This can be dragged around, and even swiped on and off the screen at the user’s discretion. This mode is particularly responsive, and makes it appear that you are viewing a high-definition FaceTime call.

Another mode also made available to users of the new Filmic app is called Discrete mode. Although the view of both cameras is similar to the picture-in-picture mode, DoubleTake exports two separate 16:9 files when shooting in Discrete mode. This makes it possible to film via, for example, wide and ultra-wide options at the same time.

Filmic has also provided a histogram at the bottom of the frame of the software, with focus and exposure controls also included. Filmic also insists that the software will always be a free proposition, and that there are no current plans for in-app purchases of any kind. It remains to be seen whether the developers will stick to this promise.

A new way to consume

Don’t be surprised if you see DoubleTake content appearing on Instagram or YouTube. Influencers love to engage with their users as much as possible. With the recent revival of Vine in it’s Dr. Who like regeneration to Byte, there will be crossover here for sure.

Shooting behind-the-scene type of videos could be one application. Imagine a vlogger speaking to the selfie-camera while being able to film where they are walking or who they are talking to with the back wide-angle. It’s an interesting evolution, something that I’m sure will be snapped up by phone manufacturers themselves. I can imagine Samsung making this a feature baked into their camera out of the box.

Filmic Doubletake
The picture-in-picture mode can either capture and store two seperate files or one including the interaction of the smaller PiP. Photo: Filmic

App Store availability

DoubleTake is available for iOS 13 devices on App Store, and it should be available in the Apple online store from today. It should be noted that only the last two generations of iPhones are able to support its headline feature of recording with two cameras, so users of the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max are catered for.

Filmic has also confirmed that DoubleTake’s features will roll out to the Filmic Pro app later this spring.

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