More than 75 countries raise over $50million USD through Facebook for Australia’s Wildfire Relief

Wildfires continue to tear apart the nature in Australia. Along with at least 24 people dying, an estimated 1 billion animals have been killed. In response, fundraisers on Facebook have raised over $50 million in relief.

Australia Wildfires
The Australian bushfires have caused over 26,000,000 acres of land to be burned since last summer. Photo: Ninian Reid via Flickr

Record-breaking amount

The traumatic incidents have spurred people to come together in support of the communities and wildlife that have been impacted. Over 19,000 fundraiser pages have been created, which have now received donations from at least 75 nations.

One of the fundraisers to receive the most donations was created by Australian actor and comedian Celeste Barber. This donation page has received money from more than 1 million contributors across the globe. Altogether, this makes it the largest Facebook-based fundraiser in history.

Another significant fundraiser is for the NSW Wildlife Information and Rescue Service. This page has raised over $9 million, from over 300,000 people. The institution hopes to save millions of species that are now vulnerable due to the wildfires. One of the animal groups at risk is the koala, with 30 percent the population being endangered.

Kangaroo Wildfire
Australia is the home to several unique wild species such as the koala bear and kangaroo. Photo: USDA Forest Service via Wikimedia Commons

Several forms of assistance

Facebook has helped people come together by using groups to share important information and updates. Helpers can also source important materials to help support the needed causes.

There are various ways that organizations have been helping. The Animal Rescue Craft Guild group helps injured animals such as kangaroos by making them handmade pouches and mittens.

It’s not just the wildlife that is being helped by these groups. The Bushfire Emergency accommodation in Canberra group seeks to link people that have been forced to leave their homes with people that can provide shelter.

To enhance the support, Facebook has matched AU$1 million (approximately $685,000 USD) in donations made to GlobalGiving.

Here, funds are sent directly to community-led relief efforts in Australia. Furthermore, the tech giant has donated AU$250,000 (approximately $171,000 USD) to the Australian Red Cross.

Australia Smoke Map
A satellite image showing the direction of smoke from the fires across Australia. Photo: European Space Agency via Wikimedia Commons

Helpful initiatives

Altogether, it’s welcoming to see so many people from different walks of life across the globe join together in an effort to tackle the pain that these disasters have caused.

This is an example of how technology and social media can be used for constructive purposes. Facebook recognizes how the critical funds are so it is already expediting payouts from the fundraisers’ accounts.

The firm’s global presence puts it in a position where it can use its platform to tackle greater issues. Therefore, it’s positive to see it taking responsibility with its power.

The dire situation in Australia is unfortunately still ongoing. However, with the money received, organizations can hopefully be better equipped to tackle the damage caused.

What do you think about how Facebook has managed to help raise this amount? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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