Battle of the Streets: Why are there so many electric scooter companies?

Over the last few years, there has been a noticeable change in many cities across North America and Europe. We are seeing more adults gliding across the streets on electric scooters.
Lime Scooter
Lime is one of the market leaders when it comes to electric scooters. Photo: Lime

Sharp rise

This phenomenon is no coincidence, there is a demand for a new way of commuting to work or the store. In fact, there were so many scooter providers in San Francisco last year, that the council had to take action to put order on who can operate.

One of the major causes of the rise is that the technology to provide a product such as an electric scooter is readily available now.

This is evident with the amount of charging points that have cropped up across cities. With the tools available to provide the item, companies have found ways to tap into gaps in the market.

Currently, there is a global concern regarding the human impact on the environment. Traditional ways of traveling around in short distances have been questioned across society. Collectively, cars in big cities are one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. Therefore, commuters are willing to accept other ways of transport to reduce their footprint.

Xiaomi Scooter
The portability of Xiaomi scooters makes it a favorite among scooter buyers. Photo: Xiaomi

Many benefits

This is where electric scooters come in. With its lack of environmental impact and ease of transport, these devices have been popular among many city dwellers. However, it’s not just the sustainability of the product that causes its popularity.

Traffic and parking issues can give drivers a headache on a daily basis. Scooters cut out the risk of a traffic jam, which gives users the comfort of knowing that they will get to work the same time each day. They are also simple to store as they don’t require the much-demanded parking space that a car needs.

There are plenty of options to either hire or own an electric scooter across the United States. Companies such as Lime offer a hiring service that can be conducted simply via its app. Their scooters can be found across every corner of several major cities and are easy to charge and maintain.

Room for growth

Bird’s success within the electric scooters rental industry has also seen it further expand across the pond in Europe within the last year. However, despite launching within the UK, it may fail to see the same progress as it does in many other regions.

Bird Scooter
Bird has recently launched across many European countries, including Germany. Photo: Bird

This is because riding electric scooters on sidewalks, public roads and cycle routes are against the law within the country. Riders could be hit with a £300 ($395) and have points deducted on their driving license if they violate these rules.

JUMP Scooter
Major firms such as Uber have also ventured into the sustainable travel market. Photo: Uber

Even though scooter renting hasn’t seen the same progress within the UK as elsewhere, there are still many people purchasing the products outright. Companies such as Xiaomi have produced scooters that have been popular within the nation. Commuters have often used them for part of their whole journey, such as from their homes to the train station.

With initiatives such as London’s Santander Cycles seeing success, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see governments opening up a dialogue to allow for more freedom when it comes to electric scooters.

Ultimately, the device is a cost-effective, handy and easy way to travel on short journeys. We are still in the early stages of the scooters’ growth within society and there should be further presence heading into the next decade.

What are your thoughts on the rise of electric scooters? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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