Dyson releases a $600 LED sidelight meant to replicate delicate candlelight

Dyson has released a new LED lamp that is intended to replicate the effects of subtle candlelight. The Lifecycle Morph is similar in appearance to the Dyson Lifecycle, which was released last year, but purports to emulate candlelight.
Dyson Lifecycle Morph
Dyson claims that its new $650-850 Lifecycle Morph can imitate candlelight. Photo: Dyson.

Multiple rotations

The Dyson Lifecycle features three axes which enable the lights to rotate into various positions. And the head of the device rotates, enabling light to deflect from the walls, floors, and ceilings, providing a variety of options for owners.

However, this new Dyson product certainly doesn’t come cheap. The desk lamp version of the Lifecycle Morph comes in at $650, with a floor-standing version setting consumers back the little matter of $850.

This is undoubtedly a big outlay for a lamp, but Dyson claims that the Lifecycle Morph will last up to 60 years, ensuring that the product is a long-term investment. This lengthy lifecycle is achieved thanks to a copper rod cooling system, which Dyson states will significantly expand its lifespan.

Another interesting aspect of the Morph is that it adjusts the amount of light that it emits based on your age. Dyson notes that a 65-year-old requires four times more light than a 20-year-old, meaning that the lights adjust to the requirements of a particular user.

Dyson Lifecycle Morph
The lamp can be controlled via a smartphone, with a variety of settings available. Photo: Dyson.

It is also possible to program the Dyson Lifecycle Morph with a variety of preset options, enabling different lighting conditions for such activities as studying, relaxing, and waking up in the morning. You can also sign up to 20 different light settings in order to match your particular preferences.

Motion sensing

Dyson has also included a USB-C port and motion sensor with the device, ensuring that it will turn off automatically when you’re not using the lamp, and that it is able to appropriately adjust to alterations in the surrounding light.

Dyson states that the task light configuration provides “focused powerful light for work, hobbies, make-up application and intricate tasks. Engineered to help reduce eye strain and improve visual performance.”

The previous Dyson Lifecycle is a highly rated lamp, which proved to be powerful for those that have purchased it. Several of the features that will now appear in the Lifecycle Morph where already debuted in the Dyson Lifecycle, particularly the ability to adjust the lighting against the movement of the sun.

Hefty price tag

Dyson will certainly face a challenge, though, in convincing consumers to shell out up to $850 for a lamp, considering that these are often seen as merely functional, and also that there are far more affordable options available.

Dyson Lifecycle Morph
The lamp is able to create a variety of lighting conditions, tailored to your particular needs as the day unwinds. Photo: Dyson.

However, the manufacturer argues that lighting your house correctly is extremely important, as using the wrong type of lights can disrupt your circadian rhythms, causing eyestrain and disruption to your anatomical functioning.

And the Dyson Lifecycle Morph is a stylish addition to any smart home, and one that will appeal to consumers attempting to create the ideal conditions in their dwelling.

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