There’s a deepfake app that puts your face into your favorite GIFs

Doublicat is bringing the fun back to face-swapping with their new app. Who do you want to be today?
Doublicat face swap
Doublicat allows you to face swap with any GIF. Image: Doublicat

Deep fakes

Face swapping can be brilliantly fun, or sinister and malicious. We have reported over the last few months about how dangerous AI technology can be in producing faked images.

Facebook decided to remove all profiles which featured an AI-generated facial image. These were generally used to falsely depict a political figure such as President Trump. Fake profiles with AI-created images were intended to mislead the public in the run-up to key political events. Facebook announced this policy as part of its stance against ‘manipulated media’.

Twitter echoed this, citing incidents such as ‘revenge porn’ as examples of the ways in which AI technology had been maliciously used to generate deep fakes.

The lighter side

As with any technology, facial swapping AI can also be really fun. When it isn’t being used to falsify the identity of a person in a photo or video, it’s actually really clever!

Doublicat has announced a new app, available on iPhone and Android which does just that. Users can face swap with any GIF using a simple selfie.

The technology behind it is RefaceAI. This is a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) which swaps out your face with that in the GIF.

Doublicat has also worked in partnership with UA Multiplex, a Ukranian cinema chain. This uses Reflect AI to allow users to insert their face into iconic characters. Doublicat claims on Twitter to have over 30,000 users in 24 hours, so it seems the gimmick of inserting your face into a movie poster is a popular one!

Doublicat face swap Homelander
Reflect AI allows users to become any movie character. Image: Doublicat

What makes Doublicat different?

The Doublicat and Reflect apps are both produced by Neocortext Inc. The agency CEO says that the difference with their AI is that it doesn’t have to map out a 3D image of your face.

In many of the deepfakes, they use the method that we put to relaxation greater than a 12 months in the past. I’m speaking right here about 3D masks, face reconstruction and texture mixing. This answer can work solely with beforehand collected and preprocessed content material. And could be unstable in facial expressions and turns.’

Doublicat says that once photos have been processed, they are deleted immediately. The company say they only store the embeddings, which represent facial features. These are not shared with anybody.

RefaceAI are also planning on using the same technology to offer a video face swapping app. However, given the issues around facial swapping in videos, I wonder if perhaps they are best to stick with GIFs!

We hear that both Snapchat and TikTok are looking into similar features using this AI – so keep a careful eye on what you see on social media. It might just be really clever AI.

Would you use the Doublicat app? Do you see this being fun or another way to manipulate technology for misuse? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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