Dolby Atmos joins Coldplay to explore the connecting capability of music

“The most frightening thing for a human is to feel completely alone… and the music just erases that feeling.” These are the words that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin utters to introduce his band’s new short film.
Coldplay and Dolby Atmos
Coldplay has released a clip with Dolby about how music can help people connect. Photo: Dolby Laboratories

Adapting to change

With listening habits going through great changes this decade, there has been monumental shifts within the music industry. Rather than using a stereo system, consumers are increasingly listening on headphones or on home devices such as Amazon Echo.

Therefore, Dolby has been collaborating with tech firms and music artists this year to deliver enhanced audio experiences for music fans. A press release shared by the company highlights the Coldplay-featured short film. This clip promotes the firm’s implementation of Dolby Atmos into devices.

Atmos is a surround sound tool that is traditionally used in grander public settings. Cinemas, theatres, and concert halls are all venues that regularly use the technology to offer high-quality sonics. Now, by Dolby adding the tech to home devices, those who enjoy their music in personal settings will be able to appreciate the enhanced acoustics.

Dolby Atmos
Those who listen to music in private settings can now enjoy the same technology as club goers. Photo: Ministry of Sound Group Limited via Wikimedia Commons

Enhanced experience

Dolby Laboratories Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Pendleton expressed that his company is able to enhance the musical journey to the greatest level.

“Artists are excited to create music in Dolby Atmos because it allows fans to experience music at its greatest creative potential and in its purest form,” Pendleton said, as per the release.

“In our latest film, we experience the genesis of Coldplay’s creativity and explore how the band uses music to forge connections between people.”

This move follows Dolby’s partnership with Tidal to apply Atmos into the music streaming service’s offering. By adding this professional technology into personal devices, the importance of audio quality is beginning to hold importance once again

Dolby Atmos Cinema
Dolby Atmos is what helps deliver the gripping audio within several commercial cinemas. Photo: Dmitry Kabanov via Flickr

Stronger connection

Stereo systems have become obsolete in the majority of homes with the phasing out of CDs and the  dying popularity of the radio.

Streaming and downloading dominate the industry, with consumers listening to them on smart devices. However, the emphasis on sound quality has been lost with this change until now.

Additionally, choosing Coldplay as the representative for this change is a clever move by Dolby. The group is famed for its emotive songs and the ability to touch the general public with its sounds.

The band also recently announced that it is halting its plans to tour for now in a bid to help the environment. Therefore, they will be placing more importance on hearing their albums in a personal setting.

Altogether, music is an art form that has the power to help is audience connect with feelings deep inside within themselves. Artists produce songs that they want their audience to really be impacted by. Therefore, by improving the listening experience with hi-tech innovations, the true mission of the artist will be achieved.

What are your thoughts on Dolby’s new partnerships? Let us know what you think in the comment section.


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