DJI Mavic Mini leaks online giving us specs and images

Photos of the DJI Mavic Mini have been leaked online. The highly-anticipated drones specifications have also surfaced ahead of its release.

DJI Mavic Mini
The Mavic Mini is set to be the latest release in DJI’s popular drone series. Photo: Newegg

What are the specs?

The Verge reports that an early listing on Newegg’s Canadian store has revealed what the device looks like, along with some key features. Most-significantly, the drone is unbelievably lightweight. Altogether, the DJI Mavic Mini weighs in at a mere 249 grams. For comparison, the lightest DJI that is currently out there is the Magic Air, which weighs 430g.

Due to the pounds shed with DJI’s latest outing, the Mavic Mini will not require approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The cutoff point for approval is 250g, meaning that the Mavic Mini is a gram light enough to be able to fly without review.

Mavic Mini folded
How the Mavic Mini will look when folded as per its product listing. Photo: Newegg

In addition to the weight of the product, the listing also shares information on its technical specs. The drone’s flight time is billed as 30 minutes, which is within the same region as current DJI drones. However, the recording resolution of this mini is only 2.7k, rather than a full 4K offering, which the Mavic Air and Pro editions can offer.

High demand

The price for the Mavic Mini is listed as $645.20 Canadian dollars ($494) if bought with the DJI Fly More kit. However, there are discounts on this DJI product if bought in higher volumes.

Top Down Mavic Mini
A top down view of the upcoming drone according to the product listing. Photo: Newegg

The Chinese company is one of the biggest drone brands in the world. The firm generates CN¥18 Billion (USD 2.83 Billion) per year and shows no sign of slowing down. Additionally, the company’s products have been chosen as the go-to drones for television and film production.

The firm holds 70% of the drone market share as a result of its popularity. The Phantom 3 Standard is the most well-rounded model of its series. This edition is also one of DJI’s biggest sellers on Amazon.

Mavic Mini in hand
The Mavic Mini is set to be so small that it can fit comfortably in someone’s hand. Photo: Newegg

Buzz created

The information about the upcoming drone is listed so freely on a retailer’s website. This adds to the speculation that companies often intentionally reveal details while disguising them as leaks. Examples of companies that have been speculated of this are Apple and Samsung, with many of their flagship products being leaked before official comment. The product is still listed since the morning and DJI has no doubt been notified.

Perhaps DJI is taking a leaf out of the books of many other tech firms. By coldly sharing this information, a buzz has been created and many drone users will be keeping tuned in to DJI’s activity ahead of its official announcement. The Verge has shared that there may be an official statement from DJI on Wednesday morning regarding the product.

What do you think of DJI’s new Mavic Mini? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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