Another top Twitch streamer moves not to Mixer, but to Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming
Facebook launched its live streaming service in 2018. Now, it is showing its intent heading into the new year. Photo: Facebook Gaming via Flickr

Transfer season

Previously, we reported that celebrity gamer Shroud left Twitch to join Mixer. This caused 7 million of his followers to decide whether they should follow him on his new journey.

Streaming powerhouse Ninja also made the switch, leaving his feat of 14.7 million followers behind. Destiny gamer Gothalion also transferred away from the Amazon-owned platform last month. Furthermore, the latest high-profile streamer to join Mixer is Faze Ewok.

Now, there is another player that has stepped up its game in the streaming war. Facebook Gaming has added a key general in its ranks. Disguised Toast will be hoping to take at least a portion of his 1 million-plus followers with him as he leaves Twitch for this platform.

TwitchCon 2018
Disguised Toast (Center) is the latest in a chain of popular steamers leaving Twitch for other platforms. Photo: Geralt master via Flickr

Identifying opportunities

CNN Business reports that his pre-recorded posts will still be available on YouTube and other websites. However, his live shows will only be posted on Facebook Gaming. The gamer mostly posts content related to Apex Legends, Hearthstone, and League of Legends.

He stated that he left because of an abundance of offers from popular streaming sites. However, he chose Facebook because of its prospects of growth.

“I’ve received an offer from every major streaming platform but decided to go with Facebook because I believe it has the most explosive potential,” Wang said, as reported by CNN Business.

“It’s always a risk to move platforms but my research has made me confident in my choice.”

Additionally, an undisclosed sum of money was part of the deal, which probably added an incentive to join the social network.

Apex Legends
Disguised Toast’s most popular content often contains streams of Battle Royale game Apex Legends. Photo: Instacodez via Flickr

Good for the market

Facebook Gaming launched just last year and it has a chance to leverage an audience from Facebook’s 2.4 billion users. In fact, the company states that 700 million of its users already engage with gaming content on its platform each month. However, this stat does count only a minute of viewing as an engagement.

Nonetheless, this aspect shows the massive growth opportunity with the recently-launched platform. The increase of options for content creators is positive progress. Twitch has reportedly been limiting the potential for licensing deals for its users and has been unresponsive to requests.

Meanwhile, YouTube is increasingly limiting opportunities for monetization for its users. In some cases, it is also oversensitive when it comes to copyright and content policies. Therefore, more competition means a better deal for creators and viewers.

Do you think more high-profile gamers will join Facebook Gaming? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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