Dashlane’s terrifying Super Bowl 2020 commercial is our password hell

Answering your security questions sounds easy, but often it can be like navigating the nine circles of hell. Dashlane’s Super Bowl commercial perfectly recreates the turmoil we all face.

Dashalne Superbowl commercial
Dashlane’s new commercial depicts us travelling through hell as we remember our security questions. Screenshot: Dashlane via YouTube

Stuck in password pain

Passwords are there to make our accounts safe and secure but it’s happened to us all, you forget your password. What follows is endless interrogation to answer questions only you should know. Sounds easy right? Wrong. After entering in all those dog names that you thought was your first, you’re locked out.

That’s exactly what Dashlane has created in their chillingly accurate Super Bowl commercial.

The ‘Password Paradise’ commercial begins with a man on a boat captained by the grim reaper. Their destination is unknown until heaven appears in the distance. The good place is so very close…that is if the man can answer his security questions.

The grim reaper then frantically tries to help while scribbling on a small whiteboard security questions until the man runs out of attempts. Questions include the iconic ‘Name of first pet?’, ‘Name of kindergarten teacher?’ and ‘What did you want to be when you grew up?’. It’s a triggering watch and one I recommend doing in a well-lit room.

In a blog post by the Dashlane team, they said:

“A man finds himself traveling between the good place and the bad place. As he realizes he’s headed for the light—BAM!—password please. All of our compounded password pain crystallizes in the absurdly funny moment when our hero is quite literally locked out of heaven.”

Password paradise

Dashlane is one of many password-managers that have grown quite successfully in recent years. Basically it stores all of your data and auto-fills in your details when needed meaning no more post-it note searching or resetting again. Dashlane also claim to have patent-protected security measures in place and states that they encrypt your data which even they can’t read.

Dashlane Super Bowl commercial 2020
It’s a classic moment. We think we have our password until those dreaded security questions appear. Screenshot: Dashlane via YouTube

It’s becoming more and more apparent that data means money. We reported recently that Google charges governments to access your data but companies like Dashlane are not in it for the money. They aim to provide a service “so you can get right to what you want to do. No roadblocks. No stopping.”

With your data seemingly at risk, the password patterns become even more complicated. With some wanting only eight-characters and some twelve but with at least three numbers and special characters, even Alan Turing would have trouble.

The Super Bowl is known for advertisers to have fun with quick and creative ways to advertise their services. Dashlane certainly throws us into the pits of hell.

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