Dark mode test proves it really does save battery on OLED iPhones

When Apple introduced iOS13 last month, it also launched a new display feature for the iPhone. Dark mode helps protects iPhone users’ eyes by dimming the background of apps, rather than displaying the traditional white canvas.

Apple iPhone Dark Mode
Dark mode has been praised for its ability to make photos stand out. Photo: Apple

Versatile feature

However, a test has shown that this feature not only saves users from the blinding white light, it also can save battery on the iPhone. Digital Trends reports that the test, carried out by YouTube Channel, PhoneBuff, proves that the update can extend the life of the phones with OLED Displays.

Dark mode can be turned on permanently after an update or by going into the iPhone’s settings. Alternatively, it can be set to switch on automatically at certain times of the day. Many users may choose to use this feature at night, as the dark lighting is less disturbing in a dim environment than its standard setting.

Additionally, iPhone carriers will be looking to turn this feature on if they know that they will be away from home or a charging point for a long period. The test looked at a fully-charged iPhone XS and used a robotic arm to tap through.

iPhone Dark Mode
How dark mode appears on the iOS13. Photo: Apple

Draining apps

Various apps were used such as Twitter, Google Maps and YouTube. The video showed testing being done side by side, the left on dark mode and the right on light mode. Any iPhone user knows how quickly some of these apps can drain the device’s battery, especially when navigating or watching videos. However, there is good news for these frustrated users as by the time the iPhone XS in light mode ran out of battery, the one in dark mode still had 30% left.

You can watch the clever experiment below.

The reason for this difference is purely due to the color of the display. Black color on an OLED display means that the pixel is powered off. Therefore, with fewer pixels being used, power is being saved, improving battery efficiency.

However, before iPhone carriers start rushing to turn on dark mode to save battery, they must know one important aspect. This science is only true for OLED screens. Therefore, anyone with an iPhone built with LCD screens won’t be able to enjoy this feature. This means that anyone without an X, XR, XS or XS Max, will be limited with dark mode’s capabilities.

iPhone X
Only iPhones with OLED will be able to appreciate dark mode’s battery saving abilities. Photo: Pexels

Positive response

Nonetheless, not all is lost, as this feature will still be easier on the eye and help many sleep well at night. Before its iOS13 rollout, Apple introduced this tool for Mac last year. This addition was met with a positive response from creative professionals.

They felt that the sleek appearance helped make photos and text stand out. These creatives will also be appreciative of the fact that they can view their work in the same light on their phone.

What do you think of this useful feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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