Let the Cookie Monster navigate for you through Waze

Waze implemented Cookie Monster's voice as a voice over for their app in honor of Cookie Monster's 52nd Birthday.
Waze implemented Cookie Monster’s voice as a voice-over for their app in honor of Cookie Monster’s 52nd Birthday. Photo: Waze

It’s true: everyone’s favorite googley-eyed blue monster is now able to navigate your long, tedious morning commute with the click of a button.

In Honor of Cookie Monster's 52nd Birthday, Waze has released a Cookie Monster voice over for it's users.
In Honor of Cookie Monster’s 52nd Birthday, Waze has released a Cookie Monster voice over for it’s users. Photo: NeedPix

What it is

Waze, the mobile app that’s most comparable to Google Maps, is taking the world by storm due to its community-based reporting algorithm. The app works by tracking traffic crashes, other traffic incidents, delays, and ETA’s based on community input and reporting.

Introduced in 2006 to users in Israel, Waze has grown exponentially popular amongst smartphone users due to the community-based approach, rather than the data-based approach that Google Maps offers.

Formerly known as FreeMap Israel, Google acquired the product in 2013. Both products are owned by Google, but both operate on a very different algorithm.

For those who have used Waze for a while, the implementation of the Cookie Monster voice might not be new news, as it was already given a test run earlier in the year. People seemed to love and respond well to it, though not many knew about it. And in honor of Cookie Monster’s 52nd birthday (which is apparently November 2nd), the voice option was re-released.

Enjoyable rides for all

If you’re a driver with a service such as Lyft or Uber, this will undoubtedly provide entertainment for your riders, as well. There is even a Waze Carpool app and option that will allow people who are going the same way to ride together or connect with one another to share a ride. It’s a much more affordable option than ordering a Lyft, or an Uber.

In order to enable the Waze Cookie Monster voiceover navigation, simply click on the magnifying glass option on the bottom left of the page. From there, tap ‘setting’s in the top left, and choose, ‘voice and sound’ from that menu. This will then display the sound menu. You will then see the various sound options.

From there, tap on the ‘Waze voice’ option to see the various available options to choose from. You will find the Cookie Monster option somewhere near the top of the menu, however, there are loads of other options to explore just in case you aren’t keen on Cookie Monster. There are even various languages to choose from.

Wazw is making long rides more enjoyable with a Cookie Monster voice over.
Waze is making long rides more enjoyable with a Cookie Monster voice over. Photo: Danny Choo via Flickr

More enjoyable rides for all

Personally, I think the Cookie Monster version is absolutely genius and can brighten anybody’s day. Who wouldn’t smile and even giggle listening to Cookie direct your route? If you have small children, this can make a long, exhausting car ride more enjoyable for everyone.

As for how long it will stick around, there’s no word on the length of time, just that it’s here – for now.

Have you experienced the Cookie Monster voice over for Waze? What are your thoughts? What other characters would you like to be able to hear and choose from? Let me know in a comment below. Who knows? It just might make its way to the creators of the app, where they just may implement one of your suggestions in a future update.

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