Book appointments directly through Facebook Business Pages

Business pages on Facebook offer great ways for customer interaction via commenting and direct chat through messenger. Facebook has now introduced a new feature allowing customers to book appointments creating a more practical experience.
Facebook Business Pages
Facebook has firmly established itself as the biggest social media site. Photo: Robert Scoble via Flickr.

2 billion visitors

The social media website itself is only too keen to emphasize that it attracts two-billion visitors every month, as this is at least 50% more than any other comparable service. WhatsApp attracts approximately 1.5 billion visitors on a monthly basis, which is the nearest social media competitor to Facebook. And while YouTube is getting close to two-billion monthly visitors, it is very difficult to legitimately describe YouTube as a social media platform.

Facebook generated over $40 billion in revenue in 2017, and nearly 90% of this was earned through digital advertising. The inadvertent partnership between Facebook and Google has helped create a digital advertising dyad that dominates the current marketplace.

User data

But while Google enables advertisers to connect with consumers via keyword searches, Facebook generates revenue primarily from targeted advertising and user data. With this in mind, Facebook Business Pages has become incredibly valuable to Facebook, while many business users have equally benefited from the feature set included in this aspect of the social media site.

Facebook Business Pages has become a hugely popular aspect of the market-leading social media platform. Photo: Facebook.

Facebook Business Pages promises to turn visitors to the market-leading social media website into active customers. And an essential part of this is the ability to book appointments directly via the Facebook Business Pages system. The site offers a free scheduling tool, meaning that companies can book appointments once they have attracted customers through the Facebook platform.

Another important aspect of Facebook Business Pages is the ability to schedule customer appointments, and send out reminders. This means that you can manage appointments for free, eliminating the need to spend money on online scheduling services. This has undoubtedly attracted a lot of smaller and medium-sized enterprises.

Diverse customers

Facebook Business Pages has attracted a wide variety of users by being user-friendly and also flexible and powerful. Meanwhile, other social media sites have failed to deliver similar features that are capable of attracting the business community, which is why, for example, the likes of Twitter have struggled to demonstrate profitability.

Facebook business mobile
Facebook has also become hugely popular with mobile users, attracting over two-billion visitors every month. Photo: Julia Roberts via Pexels.

Indeed, although Twitter has become an endemic aspect of the popular culture, it has been significantly less successful in delivering a profitable business model. Financial results have been, almost without exception, appalling for Twitter, and there is no end to this reality in sight. After its most recent financial results were announced, the Twitter share price plunged, after profits were less than 25% of the figure predicted by analysts.

The social media niche may be a popular and diverse one, but is is Facebook, the first breakthrough application in the market, that continues to lead the way in both popularity and commercial viability.

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