Baby Yoda is big money for Disney

The Mandalorian has been well received by viewers since its launch on Disney+. However, rather than the shows’ gripping content being talked about, fans have been going crazy about Baby Yoda.
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda has caught the hearts of fans across the globe. Photo: The Mandalorian via Twitter

A new craze

Despite being dubbed as a baby, the character is actually 50-years old. Officially being referred to as The Child, he is a Force-sensitive being that belongs to the same species as the legendary, Jedi Master Yoda. Despite only having around ten-minutes worth of screen time in the first four episodes of The Mandalorian, he has stolen the show.

Fans, journalists, and celebrities have all taken to Twitter to express their love for Baby Yoda. His squeaks, big eyes and small stature have all been adored across the the internet.

A Disney+ premiere

The popularity of the character has massively helped with the launch of Disney+. The streaming service only made its debut last month and is aiming high to compete with the likes of Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Baby Yoda and Cat
Baby Yoda doesn’t have much to say but he loves to interact with others. Photo: The Mandalorian via Twitter

Currently, it’s only available in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Australia, and Puerto Rico. However, it will be expanded to other European countries in March 2020.

Organic approach

The viral nature of Baby Yoda memes and gifs would have undoubtedly helped many of those on the fence make the jump to try Disney+. There hadn’t been a huge amount of marketing behind The Mandalorian compared to other Star Wars products.

Disney has broken the bank to promote the release of The Rise of Skywalker. Countless companies have done cross-promotions with the brand to help market the film. Commercial airlines such as United have painted aircraft in Star Wars livery. Meanwhile, tech firms such as Kano have shared adverts with Star Wars characters.

Limited edition Galaxy Note10+ phone with packaging and accessories with a black and red Star Wars theme
Samsung is one of the many companies to collaborate with Star Wars this year. Image: Samsung

Publicity tool

However, Disney can thank the public as they have done a great job in promoting The Mandalorian. All the shares and conversations around Baby Yoda has given the show great publicity.

This has created a huge buzz and will have fans in countries that don’t have Disney+ yet eager to subscribe to the service. The demand will be even greater now and there will be flocks of Star Wars fans in Europe ready to sign up come March.

It seems that Disney had already anticipated the popularity of its creation as there is already Baby Yoda merchandise being promoted. Just in time for Christmas, Walmart is selling a 10-inch Funko POP! of The Child for just under $30. Zavvi is also selling an 11-inch vinyl head plush for £26.99.

Baby Yoda Toy
People will be able to own models of Baby Yoda this Christmas. Photo: Zavvi

Ultimately, Disney has yet another cash cow (or Jedi Master) to reap the benefits from. With Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and its Disney Classics to take advantage of, Disney+ could become a force to be reckoned with heading into the next decade.

Are you a fan of Baby Yoda? Let us know your thoughts on The Mandalorian in the comments section.

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