The curious case of why Baby Yoda GIF’s disappeared from the internet

Disney+ is making headlines in the UK, even though the new streaming service won’t launch here for another 4 months! The super cute ‘Baby Yoda’ from new show The Mandalorian has been everywhere on social media. So why did Giphy remove them last week – and now they’re back, are they here to stay?
Character from new Disney+ show The Mandalorian which looks like a Baby Yoda
The character from The Mandalorian has gone viral as ‘Baby Yoda’. Image: Disney

Who is Baby Yoda?

You have probably seen this little guy on your news feeds in the last few days. The character is from a new Disney+ show, called The Mandalorian. Disney+ is coming to the UK in March 2020, but is making headlines well in advance!

The Mandalorian is brand new to Disney+, and first aired on 12th November. The show is also called Star Wars: The Mandalorian so the ‘Baby Yoda’ title isn’t a million miles from the truth!

Baby Yoda (who doesn’t yet have an ‘official’ name) is the breakout star character. He is a 50 year old baby Jedi, and happens to be ridiculously cute. He also eats alien frogs, by the way.

GIFs aside, the show looks awesome. Check out the iMDB trailer below!

What happened to the Baby Yoda GIFs?

It has been a bit of a puzzle. Giphy, the platform who make the GIFs, suddenly blocked posts and removed Baby Yoda GIFs from use.

We now know that Giphy removed the posts due to ‘confusion about their legal status‘.

It said it had done so because of ‘confusion’ about their legal status. Fans took to social media to complain, incorrectly citing Disney as the culprit.

Giphy have since clarified that, ‘last week, there was some confusion around certain content uploaded to Giphy and we temporarily removed these Gifs while we reviewed the situation. We apologise to both Disney and Vulture for any inconvenience, and we are happy to report that the Gifs are once again live on Giphy.’

They posted the apology along with a gif of a rather unhappy Bambi, as would only seem proper!

Disney Bambi sad in falling snow
Giphy apologised to Disney, posting a Bambi GIF alongside the caption ‘Sorry Disney’. Image: Giphy

Is Baby Yoda back?

He certainly is! You can find all the Baby Yoda’s you could dream of on Giphy’s page.

It seems a little bit of a PR stunt, but seeing as Giphy have issued a public apology I’d say this was a genuine error.

So when can we get Disney+?

Disney+ launched at the start of this month. It looks like this is only the start of the streaming wars. Competitors such as Netflix have something to worry about, since Disney+ surpassed 10 million subscribers just in day one!

Whilst the service won’t reach the UK until 31st March 2020, it is aiming high.

At their investor day, Disney set subscriber targets for the end of 2024 as:

  • 60-90 million Disney+ subscribers
  • 40-60 million Hulu subscribers
  • 8-12 million ESPN Plus subscribers

Disney now controls Hulu, and analysts are predicting this combined package of services being a huge disruption in the streaming market.

The Mandalorian series itself achieved over 2 million streams in the first day. This continues to grow – helped, no doubt, by the popularity of our adorable little green friend!

Until March, we’ll just have to content ourselves with his sweet little face adorning our news feeds.

Baby Yoda GIF from Disney+ show The Mandalorian
Baby Yoda is back on Giphy. Image: Giphy
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