Apple’s ‘secret project’ involves satellites that could beam content directly to your device

Apple is reportedly working on a project that will provide its users with direct access to the internet. This could mean that iPhone, iPad, and Mac users won’t need to rely on third-party carriers for wireless connectivity.
Those with Apple devices could soon be provided with internet directly from the company. Photo: Simon Waldherr via Flickr

Greater control

Bloomberg reports that there is a secret team of satellite engineers developing systems to implement the initiative. Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to have a keen interest in the move, making it a priority for his company. If Apple manages to pull off this feat, it would revolutionize the way that mobile phone manufacturers have control over their devices.

Currently, Apple has to rely on carriers such as T-Mobile and Sprint for their users to connect to the internet remotely. Also, internet providers such as AT&T and Verizon are consulted for broadband connectivity.

If Apple can allow their devices to connect for the internet directly through their phones, it will be able to cut out the middle man. Users will be using Apple’s own services, giving the firm a greater presence and will enable it to earn the revenue that the third-party companies currently gain.

Tim Cook has been setting large budgets to develop ambitious technologies heading into the new decade. Photo: iphonedigital via Flickr

Single solution

This move is part of a series of projects that Apple has taken on to become an all-encompassing solution. Recently, it introduced the Apple Card, which allows users to pay on credit provided by the tech giant. This is, of course, an expansion on the already popular Apple Pay solution.

Additionally, it has become more involved in entertainment segments, with the launch of its Apple TV+ streaming service and Apple Arcade. This further pulls owners of Apple devices inward rather than looking elsewhere for their needs.

Apple has a hold on practically every single aspect available on its devices. Each App goes through the App Store and it is also able to provide its own options for the majority of the services that a user needs.

However, all of these features have to rely on wireless networks to be used. This is something that Apple presently can’t provide. Therefore, by providing its own internet, the company’s power will soar.

Apple is becoming more self-reliant, meaning users could also become more dependent on it. Photo: William Hook via Flickr

Ambitious projects

The firm is also working on a virtual reality headset, which is set to debut as early as 2022. Along with this, it is working on augmented reality glasses, MicroLED screens, new home devices, revamped wearable tech, and even self-driving car technology.

Cook has spent big on research and development in recent years. A whopping figure of $16 billion was spent within the last fiscal year alone.

Ultimately, it’s not just the mobile devices that would benefit from the proposed wireless technology. All these these other products that Cook is planning on delivering will be well-connected among each other.

The satellite technology that it is working on is reported to be available within five years. Once in use, the relationship between Apple users and the firm could be more co-dependent than ever.

Will this initiative be a positive step for Apple customers? Let us know what you think in the comment section.


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