Apple News partners with ABC news for the 2020 election

The 2020 presidential election is going to make headlines around the globe. Apple News will be right at the forefront, with their new partnership with ABC News.
VOTE billboard in the US flag colours
The outcome of the 2020 presidential elections will be announced in Jan 2020. Image: Steve Baker via Flickr

2020 – the presidential elections

On 3rd November 2020, the USA will either elect a new President or renew the Presidency term of the existing POTUS, Donald Trump.

The elections won’t take place on one day though. The run-up will begin nine months earlier in February 2020. Primaries and Caucuses will run from February through to June 2020, split between the US states.

Following the vote, Congress will confirm the outcome on 5th January 2021. The new or existing President will be inaugurated on 20th January.

This is bound to be a year of strident campaigning. And, if recent news is anything to go by, a fair amount of drama and mudslinging. Considering that Articles of impeachment are expected to be passed this week against President Donal Trump, this will be an election like no other.

Apple News and ABC News logos
Apple News app will provide coverage of all key events during the 2020 elections. Image: Apple News

Apple News

Today, Apple News announced a partnership with ABC News. This will last for the duration of the elections and content will be available through the Apple News app. Around 40 million people are estimated to use the app.

This includes ABC News coverage such as videos and live streaming. To kick things off, the Democratic primary debate takes place on 7th February and will be covered by a partnership of ABC, Apple and WMUR-TV news teams.

Apple News will also offer access to FiveThirtyEight data, polling studies and analysis throughout the highlights of the campaign.

Laura Kern, Editor-in-Chief of Apple News says, ‘We’re proud to partner with ABC News to present the millions of people who use Apple News each day with dynamic live coverage and responsible analysis during the major news moments of the 2020 election‘.

Republican and Democrat symbols
The 2020 presidential elections will be covered in a partnership between Apple and ABC. Image: DonkeyHotey via Flickr

How neutral is the news?

This, for me, is one of the biggest questions. When awarding coverage rights to media organisations, how do we know they are impartial?

Apple News says that they only report information from ‘reliable sources’.

Kern goes on to say ‘an election is not just a contest; it should raise conversations and spark national discourse. By presenting quality news from trustworthy sources and curating a diverse range of opinions, Apple News aims to be a responsible steward of those conversations and help readers understand the candidates and the issues‘.

We have talked a lot lately about politics and social media. Snapchat will fact check every political ad before it goes live and Facebook has pledged to block all false posts ahead of the 2020 election.

Even Google is weighing in and blocking political ads from being targeted at individuals.

Having easy access to breaking campaign news is a great thing for voters who aren’t always able to watch the news as it happens. It will be interesting to see what new journalistic technologies are used to bring this election to life!

Whatever happens, I’d expect the media to be neutral, factual and reliable. After all, the whole world will be watching.

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