Apple looking to focus on the Esports side of the market with new hardware

According to rumors, Apple will release a powerful product in 2020, which will be centered squarely on the Esports market. Not too much is known about this potential machine yet, but Apple is expected to reveal the product at its Global Developers Conference in June.
eSports arena filled with people
eSports has become an event know to fill arenas. Photo: BagoGames

Gaming Mac

This Esports contender could be an iMac with a large display, or a gaming notebook, depending on what Apple believes will better suit the market. What is known is that this gaming-focused PC could retail at a price tag in the region of $5,000.

The Esports field is almost entirely dominated by PC products currently, and it would certainly be the first time that Apple has released a computer primarily aimed at this growing niche. But it would make sense for Apple considering that it would open up new opportunities for supply chain manufacturers, while establishing the already cool Apple brand in a youth-focused field.

Of course, entering the Esports field won’t exactly be a picnic for Apple, considering that the Mac operating system is not as widely supported by games as Windows. The architecture of the Apple Mac family is also not designed with gaming in mind, being based on very specific AMD graphics cards.

Esports Mac
Apple Arcade has already proved popular for Apple, as it shifts its focus to gaming. Photo: Apple.

Apple Arcade

This latter problem can probably be solved relatively easily, though, with Apple probably able to design and build new configurations for this Esports Mac. In terms of the overall ethos of the company, developing a gaming platform would certainly make sense, considering that Apple also released the video gaming platform Apple Arcade earlier this year.

While Apple Arcade is based on mobile gaming, and features relatively simple titles, it has been suggested previously that Apple could also move into the high-end gaming field. Apple Arcade has already acquired over 100 exclusive titles, as well as subscription games on iPadOS and tvOS 13, and it will be interesting to see if Apple would even develop its own games for a potential gaming Mac.

Patently Apple broke the news in question, and the rumor is indicative of Apple’s determination to forge a new direction in its business approach. The murmurings regarding an Esports Mac follow hot on the heels of the release of the Mac Pro, which also had an entry-level price tag of around $5,000.

Esports has become absolutely massive in recent years, with platforms such as Twitch playing a major role in popularizing the competition. Esports is a highly diverse platform, with many of the most popular games in the world attracting an Esports following. There have even been suggestions that Esports could feature in the Olympic Games eventually.

Esports Mac
Esports has become hugely popular, and may even feature in the Olympics in the future. Photo: Pexels.

Huge gamble

However, despite the logic of Apple getting involved in Esports, it would also be something of a gamble for the company. Its previous focus with computing has definitively been on professional and creative use, and while some editions of Apple computers contain hardware capable of running moderately demanding games, the field has never been a dedicated focused for the company.

But in changing times, where the iPhone is facing challenges, and the technology market is evolving, an Esports-focused Mac may just make perfect sense.

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