Why Apple Arcade is a sigh of relief for the mobile game industry

Gamers across the world have had time to get to grips with Apple Arcade following its release on September 19. This service has instantly revolutionized the Mobile Game Industry since its introduction.
A series of Apple devices showing mobile games from Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade has the ability to put creativity at the forefront of gaming again. Photo: Apple

No more ‘Freemium’

The subscription service gives players access to up to over 70 launch titles at $4.99 in total per month. There will be over 100 games available to play with the project already proving to be popular with developers.

The Verge reports on feedback from some of the developers of Apple Arcade’s launch titles. With microtransaction strategies dominating the market for a decade, this Netflix style approach has given a breath of fresh air. Now developers have the freedom to be creative without compromising on monetization.

A mobile game playing on an Apple iPad from the Apple Arcade selection
Subscribers already have access to over 70 games, including adventure title, Overland. With the ability to be played offline, there are enough titles to keep users entertained ahead of newer releases. Photo: Apple

Ad strategies, pay to play tactics and expansion packs have all become a burden for both developers and consumers alike. These features often compromise on a producer’s innovation and also leaves the player frustrated. Even the world’s most popular games have some sort of “Freemium” concept. Forbes reports that 69% of gamers playing Fortnite spent money when playing the title. On average, these players spent $85 each.

These transactions have started to become a huge issue for parents, because of their children’s financial demands. Up to thousands of pounds were spent by players using their parent’s cards, often without them realizing. Now, parents can have the comfort of knowing that their child will not be succumb to monetization when becoming engrossed in a new game.

Plenty of variety

There is a range of exciting new titles available to play on Apple Arcade. Overland is a post-apocalyptic road trip adventure game, allowing players to rescue survivors and scavenge for supplies. In puzzle game, The Enchanted World, players take on the role of a fairy who tries to piece her collapsing world back together.

Along with new names, old favorites have adapted to find their way on the service. Gaming legend Sonic debuts on the software with Sonic Racing, while PlayStation veteran Rayman returns with Rayman Mini. Lego also appears on Apple Arcade with two titles in Lego Arthouse and Lego Brawls.

It’s interesting to see these old favourites appear on our mobile screens. Despite good few of these are included in Apple’s new gaming service, one battling out alone is Nintendo’s Mario Kart. After months of anticipation, the classic relaunched with a backlash for its pay to win mechanics.

A mobile game from Apple Arcade playing on an Apple iPhone
Gamers have enough variety to find something suited to their taste. Including puzzle based games such as The Enchanted World, Photo: Apple

Further opportunities

This project can also change gaming opportunities for Mac users for its ability to connect with the computer. Traditionally, Mac users are left out of true gaming experiences compared with PC gamers. The new Mac iOS was launched this week, allowing users to link Apple Arcade to their screens and enjoy the experience. Standard gaming controllers such as the DualShock 4 can be used to play while on the Mac, allowing gamers to play with ease.

Many other gaming powerhouses have showed their intent on providing a strong streaming service. Ubisoft announced the Uplay Plus at this year’s E3 and Microsoft have already launched the Game Pass. Institutions are also investing further in Cloud technology, such as Microsoft’s xCloud allowing virtual access to Xbox on nearly any device. Google Stadia is also set to launch next month, which will be capable of streaming video games with 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

Ultimately, with its popular appeal, Apple Arcade is a huge step in a positive direction for mobile gaming. Have you had a chance to play a title yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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