Apple reveals new AirPods Pro, coming October 30

Apple has officially revealed that the AirPods Pro will be made available on October 30. The next generation AirPods have been rumored for quite some time, and now the California technology giant has finally confirmed that their existence.
Apple AirPods Pro October 30 release.
Apple’s AirPods Pro will launch on October 30. Photo: Apple.

AirPods Pro website listing

The news was confirmed by the official Apple products website, which lists the AirPods Pro alongside various other related products. Apple has also dropped its usual highly-produced video introducing the product, particularly promoting the true wireless nature of the earbuds, along with a variety of features included in the device.

Apple has already built a separate tab into its website for the AirPods Pro, which now sits proudly alongside iPad, iPhone, and other iconic Apple products. It is also interesting to note that the original AirPods are tabbed separately, implying that this new AirPods Pro release can be treated as a separate product, rather than an update for the 2019 version of the AirPod.

Pricing for the AirPods Pro will vary depending on your region, but the product will launch at a $249 price point in the United States. This is slightly less than was predicted ahead of Apple’s official reveal, but still significantly more expensive than this year’s earlier AirPods release, which is currently priced at $159.

Apple AirPods Pro October 30 release.
This is the second AirPods release of 2019. Photo: Apple.

New features

The AirPods Pro also includes an entire raft of new features. The physical design of the AirPods Pro is not significantly evolved from previous releases, although there are three silicon ear tip options available, meaning that users can customize their devices.

Internally, Apple has included adaptive EQ, improving the sound capabilities of the device. It is perhaps a slight disappointment that there is no improvement in audio processing, but AirPods Pro will utilize an EQ algorithm in order to tweak low and mid-range frequencies, adapting intuitively to the shape of your ear.

The wireless charging case associated with the product now works with Qi-compatible charging mats, meaning that it is possible to power the case without having to insert a cable. But for those who prefer the traditional method of charging, Lightning cables are still available if required.

Apple’s AirPods Pro are also water and sweat resistant, while the device also features a newly- designed H1 chip, specifically manufactured for the 2019 model of the AirPods Pro. This new chip improves collective pairing, the efficiency of the battery life of the product, and enables hands-free Siri functionality.

Apple AirPods Pro October 30 release.
The AirPods Pro will go on sale at $249. Photo: Apple.

Noise cancellation

Another feature strongly pushed by Apple is the active noise cancellation, which overrides outside noises by playing contrasting frequencies within your ear, enhancing the audio performance and experience of the device. It is slightly odd, though that AirPods Pro will only deliver 4.5 hours of listening time on a single charge, which is less than the five hours that the AirPods released earlier in 2019 achieved.

But overall this seems to be a significant improvement on the last AirPods release, and no doubt many fans of Apple products and music will pick them up when they go on sale on October 30.

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