Animatronic Spider-Man to swing over Disneyland in 2020

Disney confirmed in a blog post this morning that a life-sized Spider-Man will be soaring through the skies above the new Avengers Campus opening later this year.

Disney Avengers campus concept art
Spider-Man is set to swing across the rooftops of the new Avengers Campus coming Summer 2020. Photo: Disney / Marvel

Spider-Man comes to life

Disney’s animatronics have come a long way from the stiff legacy dinosaurs seen in some of the most loved rides throughout the parks. As technology has grown so too have the lifelike movements of these robots. Disney’s Research Hub has been fast at work creating the friendly neighbourhood superhero.

Guests can expect to swing and soar along with arguably the best superhero in existence (let’s start this in the comments!) at “WEB”, the “World Engineering Brigade” section of  the park. Looking at the concept art above you can see the web-slinger being held by an articulated crane that stands above a building that seems to be able to move along a horizontal rail system.

We don’t just have concept art to look at though. Oh no. In an episode of Disney+’s The Imagineering Story  we can see a much more detailed view of how the animatronic will work. Thanks to SlashFilm for finding this.

Alongside the blogpost announcement from Disney, we also got a video preview of the animatronic seen above but this time, he’s wearing the famous red and blue. The video sees Spider-Man swing through the air in an ominously dark room. It’s pretty impressive to be honest. At first I thought it was CGI. Like the videos of animation studios that show a breakdown of their magical work on some of Disney’s films. Have a look for yourself, it’s pretty darn good.

Avengers park with Spider-Man ride
Park visitors can team up with Spider-Man at WEB, an on-rails interactive ride. Photo: Disney / Marvel

Avengers Assemble

The Avengers Campus is set to open Summer 2020 and will feature a plethora of rides and attractions featuring the best collection of Superheroes. With it being a ‘campus’, expect to be recruited into the fun. Swing alongside Spider-Man at The Worldwise Engineering Brigade and shrink down with Ant-Man at the Pym Test Kitchen.

Disney bought the massive Marvel series back in 2009 for a staggering $4 billion. We previously reported that Disney is going from strength to strength lately. Especially with them branching out into the streaming arena with Disney+, we’ve already seen the original Star Wars (Disney bought the Lucas studios back in 2012 for $4 billion) series The Mandalorian being an instant viral success – thank you Baby Yoda.

With all these new IP’s under Disney’s (utility) belt it is sure to be one of the best areas of the parks and one much loved by fans around the globe. With each new innovation in the entertainment attractions the experience gets better and better. Let’s just say that we can’t wait to become one of the Avengers ourselves.

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