Cyber Monday 2019 became Amazon’s biggest day in its entire history

Amazon has announced a record Cyber Monday, as the onslaught of online retail becomes ever more apparent. Once very much secondary to Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become a bumper annual tradition for the world’s biggest retailer.
Amazon Cyber Monday
As its success has grown, Amazon has branched out into many fields, including food delivery. Photo: Amazon.

Record sales

And Amazon shifted record amounts of stock, partly thanks to the multiple delivery options that the retailer provides. Amazon was also pleased to note that customers piled into the various devices manufactured by the corporation itself, with the best-selling items being Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote. Over 25 million items were sold all told.

Jeff Wilke, CEO Worldwide Consumer at Amazon, indicated that the company was very pleased with its Cyber Monday performance. “We are thrilled that customers continue to come to Amazon in record numbers to discover what they need and want for the holidays. Thank you to our customers and employees all around the world for making this holiday shopping weekend the best yet.”

Amazon revealed that Black Friday had also been very successful for the corporation, with consumers purchasing more toys over the day and Cyber Monday than had ever been the case previously. Favorites included Lego Star Wars: Darth Vader’s Castle, Monopoly Game: Disney Frozen 2 Edition, and a variety of games from Hasbro.

Amazon Cyber Monday
The Amazon Fire Stick has proved to be a big seller, as Amazon Prime Video becomes more popular. Photo: Wikimedia.

Fashion success

Cyber Monday was also massively successful in the fashion field for Amazon, with more items purchased than on any other single day in the entire history of Amazon. And the online retailer also showcased its increasing prominence in the retail food market, with Amazon Whole Foods Market breaking its all-time record of turkeys sold during the Thanksgiving season for the third year in a row.

The success of Amazon on Cyber Monday is symptomatic of the shift from traditional retail buying to an online-based model. While this has been well-publicized over many years, the fact that Amazon is now raking in such impressive figures on a day associated with online shopping, rather than the more traditional Black Friday, underlines the point.

While Amazon has long since established itself as a monstrously successful outlet, the retail giant has also been redoubling its efforts recently to open up as many delivery options as possible to its legions of customers. For example, its grocery delivery service is now available to Prime Members free of charge, both for Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market.

Amazon Cyber Monday
The Amazon spheres in New York have fascinated many tourists. Photo: SounderBruce via Wikimedia.

Amazon Prime

Indeed, the growth of the premium Amazon Prime has helped Amazon cement its market position, enabling the corporation to build on the foundation of its core business. In April 2018, Amazon reported that Prime had attracted more than 100 million subscribers worldwide, while it generated over $14 billion worth of revenue in the same year.

Amazon cites its 1-Click shopping as being an underlying principle in its success, and certainly the ability to rapidly click through its slick and responsive website has proved to be a major selling point.

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