Airpods Pro leaked to show new colors including a stunning Midnight Green

Reports from China suggest that Apple will offer consumers four different colors for its rumored AirPods Pro. In typical hushed fashion, Apple has yet to confirm the existence of AirPods Pro, but details about this strongly anticipated earbud system are already circulating.
Apple AirPods.
The AirPods have proven to be a popular product for Apple. Photo: Pexels.

AirPods Pro

China’s Economic Daily News states that Apple will offer a variety of color options with the AirPods Pro, and that these will include white, black, and midnight green. This will be a significant departure from the first two versions of the wireless earbuds, as only white coloring was available for these two generations.

Based on the rumors, it seems likely that Apple is attempting to match the color of the AirPods Pro with the recent iPhone 11 lineup. There have been many reports that Apple will introduce a black version of the earbuds, but reports from China are the first suggestion that there will be multiple color options.

Charging case

SlashLeaks has also published images of a charging case purported to be related to the AirPods Pro, although it should be emphasized that this is highly unlikely to be an official Apple product. Indeed, the Weibo account associated with the images stated openly that the charging cases are Chinese knock-offs, but noted that the design is closely based on the actual Apple product.

SlashLeaks leaked image of the new airpod Pro
The leaked charge case for Apple AirPods Pro. Photo: SlashLeaks.

Apple was expected to release the next generation AirPods Pro alongside other rumored Apple products at a cancelled event in October. A redesigned MacBook Pro laptop was also expected to be on the agenda, but both products could still arrive by the end of October, according to some reports.

New innovative technology included in the AirPods Pro will ensure that the cables are completely resistant to water. Reports suggest that there will also be a so called noise-cancelling feature, suggesting that the AirPods Pro will require a larger battery, along with a new proprietary chipset.

Another image from SlashLeaks suggest a carry case for the new AirPods Pro, a unofficial case, but a promising indicator none the less.

AirPods Pro leaked carry case
Another image leaked giving evidence of a new design going around. This being most likely a knock-off suggests a shorter but wider design. Photo: SlashLeaks

Water resistance

The water resistance is intended to make the product easier to use in, for example, rainy conditions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be possible to use the earbuds underwater, as reports suggest that they won’t be certified to work under a large body of water, meaning any submergence of the AirPods could result in breakage.

Green Apple iPhone 11.
The green coloring is reported to match an iPhone 11 design. Photo: Apple.

Apple’s noise-cancelling feature is specifically believed to be Active Noise-Cancelation, which uses a raft of sensitive microphones to detect low-frequency noises, then neutralize them before they reach the ear. This improves sound quality, and it makes the AirPods Pro a more attractive product.

While Apple has yet to confirm the existence of the AirPods Pro, let alone a release date, pricing is expected to be higher than the $200 associated with the current model, possibly in the region of $260 when the product launches, probably at the end of October.

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