About Abundary

Technology is moving at speeds faster than ever before. Its ubiquity is changing how we live our lives and how we as an intelligent civilisation operate in ourselves and with each other.

Abundary is a platform that reports on technology news as it happens, from new product and service releases to technology advancements that issue a wider discussion. We are fascinated by this digital age and technologies just on our horizon.

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Our writers


Chris Morris has been playing video games since the days of Space Invaders, and had been glued to computers ever since. He has written for a variety of publications on technology and other subjects, including The Sunday Telegraph, Financial Times, and Forbes to name a few. When not writing, Chris enjoys reading, sport and walking his dog in the countryside.
I am a writer, copywriter and finance professional (FCCA). With 15+ years experience working in a broad scope of markets and industries, I specialise in the worlds of technology, finance and commerce. My passion for technology started with sports applications and how new innovations make us faster, more accurate and enable coaches to monitor development in a new ways. I also have a great interest in how tech impacts modern lifestyles and education, being Mum to my 4-year old daughter.
A Professional Freelance Writer for the past 6 years, Sarah McCormick has worked for some of the world's finest editorial establishments. A published author and columnist, acclaimed blogger and huge proponent for education, Sarah believes technology is quite simply fascinating and exists to propel us to new heights never before imagined. You can find Sarah at home, curled up with a good book and a cup of tea, or in front of her computer, working tirelessly with the strongest coffee imaginable. If she isn't there, feel free to check the closet, where she just may be playing hide and go seek with her rambunctious 3-year-old son.